Dedicated to your market success combines strategic advice with hands-on marketing expertise for businesses facing today´s global marketplace. We believe in the power of innovation, which is why we are passionate about shepherding new products and services to the market.

We offer ...

  • Advisory and delivery expertise – from effective strategy to smart execution
  • Pragmatic Go-To-Market program – with field-tested, cross-industry methodologies
  • Strong and decisive marketing leadership – across all departments of a company
  • Single point of contact for customer – guiding through the entire program
  • Independent consulting business – for best in-class services to our customers
  • References among well-known corporations and start-ups worldwide

Our commitment to efficiency frees up resources for continued and sustained growth in the companies we serve.

We use a consultative approach in which our clients are intimately involved in the entire process.

With the combination of our Marketing know-how and clients’ experience, we can build tailored and successful marketing strategies.

Strategic Consulting

Strategy comes first in optimizing the Marketing mix across all channels. It helps to answer key questions and to make the corresponding decisions:

  • What’s the company’s purpose?
  • Where will it compete?
  • How can it win?
  • What capabilities will it need?

Together, we will answer these questions and jointly …

  • Align stakeholders based on vision and on business goals,
  • Define marketing objectives based on business objectives,
  • Define market segments and opportunities to be served,
  • Develop agreed communication for product or service,
  • Develop product positioning with key differentiators,
  • Specify branding implied by the strategy,
  • Define critical success factors (CSFs) to be addressed.

In today‘s world, just having a better product or service is often not enough to win customers.

It is all about perception; the better perceived product or service is going to win. Therefore, winning strategies and smart execution of marketing are crucial for each business success.

Marketing Management

Our hands-on Marketing experience takes out the hassle and integrates a marketing mix across all channels to reach target customers with a consistent message – and that aligned with business objectives and in a efficiently allocated budget.

We offer …

  • Awards Management
  • Brand and Product Management
  • Conferences and Awards
  • Media Management (incl. PR)
  • New Product Planning
  • Promotional Material
  • Sales Leverage
  • Social Media Management
  • Training
  • Video Development
  • Website Design and Development

We serve our clients either on a project basis or by acting as temporary marketing directors.

Due to rapidly changing working structures,

knowledge of human nature is increasingly becoming a success factor in the profession.

Business Coaching

80% of the friction losses between people and in companies are based on wrong communication: Contentwise, different positions are not so far apart, but the commonality is created by communication and it often fails.

Business coaching supports:

  • Change processes within the company
  • Team building processes
  • Staff development

Business Coaching offers:

  • A deep self-knowledge for what drives and holds us,
  • a better dealings with oneself and others,
  • A new understanding of others‘ behavior in partnership and work and possible conflict resolution
  • A change of perspective and departure to a happier future

What’s the benefit of Business Coaching?

A coaching gives answers to possible questions:

  • Why do certain things happen to me over and over again?
  • What are the real reasons for conflict in my job and relationships?

Individual Coaching:
We offer individual coaching tailored to individual needs. There are various methods such as person-centered discussion, Enneagram, Life-Audit, u.a. for use.

by appointment

Costs for private individuals:
Fee per single hour (60 min): €150

Costs on company invoice:
Adjusted to the position (manager, self-employed person, startup) we calculate different hourly rates. Price on request.

Therefore, communication is a key success factor for your team. It can make or break a team – this is especially true for teams in high growth environments like a startup or a launch team.

We have already helped several startups worldwide to better position, present and market their offering.

Marketing efforts of two technology startups leading to their acquisition by US investors.

Marketing for Startups

Starting a new business is complex and efficient marketing a key factor in its success. To gain customers, partners and investors, you need a strong brand and a convincing communication flow across all channels – regardless of limited resources. This means you have to be creative and implement smart marketing processes.

Working with us, you will get startup advice and hands-on marketing expertise at first hand. Jointly, we will …

  • Define strategic intent and positioning
  • Develop a business and marketing plan
  • Develop a communication concept for offering
  • Develop branding for Startup offering
  • Design and maintain Startup’s website
  • Develop and execute PR strategy and releases
  • Design Marketing and Sales Collateral
  • Prepare and attend conferences with or for Startup
  • Win speaker slots for Startup management team
  • Win awards for Startup management team
  • Leverage global marketing opportunities

For a head-start to your success, choose your workshop:

  • Strategic Concept Workshop to develop Strategy, Positioning, and Marketing communication for your offering
  • Marketing Planning Workshop to develop a Best Practice Marketing plan to impress your team, your boss, or your investor
  • Roadmap Workshop to develop the concrete tactics for your business for the next business year
  • Brush-up Marketing Workshop to brushup your overall Marketing, matching it to the real offering and bringing it up-to-date

Our workshops deliver immediate results for implementation and ensure alignment of team members along the way.