Transforming startup to global market leader

In 2008, paybox was the trendsetting company for mobile payment enterprise solutions. On January 21, 2009, Sybase acquired paybox and in May 2010, SAP announced that it would be acquiring Sybase for $5.8 billion.

From ’05-‘08, Heidrun Kirsch was acting Marketing Director for paybox solutions and responsible for Marketing strategy and execution worldwide. Leading the Repositioning and Rebranding efforts from B2C to B2B business, all activities were integrated to maximize outcome with limited resources.

The strategic planning and worldwide marketing activities facilitated the advancement of the mobile commerce provider paybox to market leader. Integrated marketing activities helped create worldwide visibility, while consistent communication and customized programs ensured a client relationship characterized by mutual trust.
Heidrun supported the due diligence process with investors, leading to the successful sale of paybox to Sybase (now an SAP company).

How Marketing Consultancy contributed:

  • Conducted of strategy workshops for development of newpositioning and team alignment on vision and business goals
  • Defined strategic framework with markets, segments, opportunities and critical success factors to be addressed
  • Arranged conferences worldwide
  • Adaptated complete branding according to new positioning
  • Developed media strategy, PR distribution, analysts relations
  • Planned and executing sales training and materials
  • Efficiently leveraged budget with maximum outcome
  • Won international awards and speaker assignments for client
  • Conducted Go-to-market projectsfor Mobile Payment systems in Africa and Middle East

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