Prelaunch activities for mobile payments in Africa

MobiKash is an independent mobile commerce and payment ecosystem that allows everybody in Kenya to manage and perform a wide range of financial transactions from their mobile phone

In 2007, Marketing Consultancy conducted Go-to-market projects for financial service provider MoneyBoxAfrica in Nigeria and MobiKash in Kenya. The planning and implementation included the positioning, the communication, promotional material for merchants and end customer, and the design of a website.

During that time, working closely with team in Africa ensured the match and inclusion of local needs in the overall plan.

How Marketing Consultancy contributed:

  • Conduction of strategy workshops for agreement on strategic framework and of team alignment on vision and business goals
  • Conduction of marketing planning and roadmap workshop for development of marketing plan and tactics for business year
  • Adapted brandingand drove design for website and promotional material
  • Selected and coordinated agency work for branding and website

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