Integration of mPayments into bigger mobile portfolio

Sybase, an SAP company, is an enterprise software and services company offering software to manage, analyze, and mobilize information, using relational databases, analytics and data warehousing solutions and mobile applications development platforms.

From ’09-‘10, Heidrun Kirsch was Acting Marketing Director for Sybase, responsible for the integration of paybox’s Marketing concertos into Sybase mobile messaging and mobile commerce offering.

Working with the management team, Marketing Consultancy conducted strategy workshops to define the new positioning for the combined paybox/Sybase 365-mobile Commerce offering and the best way to integrate paybox Marketing concepts and customer programs into new company.

How Marketing Consultancy contributed :

  • Conducted strategy workshops for the development of newpositioning and team alignment on new vision
  • Defined strategic framework with markets,segments, opportunities and critical success factors to be addressed
  • Integrated existing Marketing concepts into Sybase processes
  • Developed strategic partnerships with private companies and public organizations
  • Continued Go-to-market projects for existing clients

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